Tome XLIII, 2020

CRISTOFOR I. SIMIONESCU (1920-2007) Centenary


» VALENTIN I. POPA, The 100th anniversary of the birth of Professor Cristofor I. Simionescu, founder of education and research schools in the field of natural and synthetic polymers in Romania


» MARIA BERCEA, Pleistomers. Theorietical predictions and experimental findings

» MIRCEA GRIGORAS, Conductive polymers: From synthesis to properties and applications

»VALENTIN I. POPA, Professor Cristofor I. Simionescu and the concept of biomass biorefining

»MARIA BRUMA, CORNELIU HAMCIUC and ELENA HAMCIUC, Highly thermostable thin films based on polymer nanocomposites

» ALINA GABRIELA RUSU, LOREDANA ELENA NITA, NITA TUDORACHI, IORDANA NEAMTU, ALINA GHILAN, ANDREI CIMPONERIU and AURICA P. CHIRIAC, Increased Ag nanoparticles stability through cellulose nanofibrils coatings

» CRISTINA CHIRICOV, ANTON FICAI and ECATERINA ANDRONESCU, Graphene derivatives and organic polymers nanocomposites for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

» SANDA BUCATARIU, MARIETA CONSTANTIN, DANIELA RUSU, IRINA PRISACARU and GHEORGHE FUNDUEANU, Hybrid hydrogel based on poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) copolymer and silanol groups for controlled delievery of drugs

»AURICA FARCAȘ, Polyrotaxanes constructed from cucurbit[7]uril and π-conjugated polymers

» SIMONA MORARIU and MIRELA TEODORESCU, Laponite® – A versatile component in hybrid materials for biomedical applications


» HORIA-NICOLAI TEODORESCU, Potential uses of stress- and rupture-induced optical emission effect in polymers


» VIRGIL BĂRBOIU, Intertwined lives

» ECATERINA ANDRONESCU, Cristofor Simionescu – a MAN in the service of his nation

» VALERIA HARABAGIU, Cristofor I. Simionescu on the centenary of his birth – memories of a former student

» HORIA-NICOLAI TEODORESCU, The Institute of Computer Science of the Romanian Academy – Cristofor Simionescu's contribution to its establishment

» STELA DRĂGAN, A letter

» CONSTANȚA IBĂNESCU, Glimpses of memory

» GHEORGHE POPA, Academician Cristofor Simionescu – A school builder (II)


» AL. QARNI, A Riccati equation approach to construct new dispersive solitons to the Kaup-Newell equation

» ADAM GLESSER, BOGDAN SUCEAVĂ and MIHAELA B. VÎJÎIAC, The infinite is the chasm in which our thoughts are lost: Reflections on Sophie Germain's Essays


» VASILICA-MONICA GROZA, OZANA-MARIA PETRARU, LUMINIȚA BEJENARU and MARIANA POPOVICI, Anthropological data on the 16the century necropolis discovered at Aroneanu Monastery (Iași county, Romania)

» VASILICA-MONICA GROZA, POPOVICI MARIANA, BEJENARU LUMINIȚA and OZANA-MARIA PETRARU, Odontopathies in a Bronze age human population from Cîndești (Vrancea county, Romania)

In Memoriam acad. CONSTANTIN TOMA (1935-2020)

» CĂTĂLIN TĂNASE, IN MEMORIAM Academician Constantin Toma – Founder of school and sculptor of souls

» Explanation

» ION SÂRBU. Paying homage to acad. Constantin Toma, on his 85th birth anniversary

» LUMINIȚA ZAMFIRACHE, Our Professor, on his 85th birth anniversary