SERIES IV, Tome XXV, 2002


»OCTAVIAN PĂSTRĂVANU and MIHAIL VOICU, Flow-invariance and componentwise asymptotic stability of a class of nonlinear systems. The non-symmetrical case

»CĂTĂLIN TRENCHEA, Optimal control of an elliptic equation under periodic conditions

»MARIA-MAGDALENA ZAMFIRACHE and CONSTANTIN TOMA, The symbiosis in the vegetal kind

»LIVIU IONESI and BICA IONESI, The Repedea Formation and its lithological variations (Moldavian Platform)

»CRISTIAN-VALERIU PATRICHE, Aspects regarding the cuesta landforms from the Central Moldavian Plateau

»ANA ŢARCĂ, Study of dermatoglyphics pathology in demographically closed collectivities

»MARIA ŞTIRBU, GEORGETA MIU, MARIA ISTRATE, C. FEDOR, MONALISA STUPU and R. SIMALCSIK, Some aspects on the growth and development of 7-10 years old children in rural medium

»ANA ŢARCĂ, Dermatoglyphics pathology in epilepsy

»MARIA ISTRATE, Considerations on the influence of nourishment of the average levels of some biochemical indicators in some populations from the Moldavia

»GEORGETA MIU and DAN BOTEZATU, Paleo-demographic considerations on certain populations having lived in the geographical area of the Danube Delta in the iron age and in the middle ages

»ADRIAN BREZULIANU and HORIA-NICOLAI TEODORESCU, A perceptual approach to signal processing for medical applications: neuro-fuzzy filtering system using orthogonal representation


»ENNIO CORTELLINI, Efficient codes using algebraic approaches

»MARIUS TĂRNĂUCEANU, On the subgroup lattice of a semidirect product of finite cyclic groups

»MIHAELA-HANAKO MATCOVSKI and CRISTIAN MAHULEA, Timing in rule-based control of flexible manufacturing systems

»OTILIA PĂDURARU, Modeling Ca2+ transients in a burst firing neocortical layer V pyramidal neuron

»D. PĂNESCU, C. LAZĂR, ŞT. DUMBRAVĂ and C. BRĂESCU, An artificial intelligence approach to flexible manufacturing systems

»LETIŢIA MIREA and TEODOR MARCU, System identification using a neuro-fuzzy technique

»LAVINIA FERARIU, Evolutionary dynamic general neural networks applied to system identification

»AL. ŞERBĂNESCU, I. TUTĂNESCU, E. SOFRON, D. SCHEIANU and C. IRIMIA, Applications of dynamic chaotic systems in communications

»LUCIAN MASTACAN, IOSIF OLAH and CĂTĂLIN-CONSTANTIN DOSOFTEI, Fuzzy reasoning method in sparse rule-based systems

»Book Reviews