Fuzzy Systems & A.I.


» Antonio Maturo, Ioan Tofan, Aldo Ventre - Fuzzy Games and Coherent Fuzzy Previsions

» Ennio Cortellini – Some Mathematical Statistics for the Socio-technical Systems

» Ennio Cortellini, Ioan Tofan, Aurelian Claudiu Volf - On Some Logical Operators

» Danilo Pelusi - A Fuzzy Controller for Digital Signals Processing

» N. Bizon, M. Oproiescu - Hysteretic Fuzzy Control of the Power Interface Converter

» S. Cososchi, R. Strungaru, M. Ungureanu - Features Extraction of Motor Representations Using Neurofuzzy Networks

» Mihaela Costin, Tudor Barbu, Anthony Grichnik - Automatic Speaker Recognition Decision Tools

» Antonio Maturo, Ioan Tofan - Similitude Relations and Applications in Social Sciences

» Aurelian Claudiu Volf - Fuzzy Subgroups and Chains of Subgroups

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