Cellulose Chemistry and Technology

        The journal "Cellulose Chemistry and Technology" has the purpose of promoting the newest achievements in chemistry, the latest developments in scientific thinking and the most imaginative ideas in the sphere of natural macromolecular compounds, wood components and anual plants. To attain these aims, the journal likes to combine the efforts made in different countries for solving the major chemical problems regarding the structure and the reactions of these compounds.
        The journal publishes original papers, critical reviews, short lectures as well as synthesis studies dealing with creative research on fundamental and applied chemistry, physics, biology and technology of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and other extractive substances of wood, annual plants and other plant fibre raw materials.

The journal is indexed in: Chemical Abstracts, Abstract Bulletin of the Institute of Paper Science and Technology, Paper and Board Abstracts (PIRA), Current Contents, Material Science Citation index.

Contact Persons:

Prof. Dr. Valentin I. Popa
E-mail: vipopa15dece@yahoo.com

Cristina Irimia
Editorial secretary
E-mail: irmcrst@yahoo.com


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