SERIES IV, Tome XXXI, 2008


»M.I.WANAS , Quantum properties of a general path deviation equation in the PAP-geometry

»WLADIMIR G. BOSKOFF, VYVY DAO and BOGDAN D. SUCEAVĂ, From Felix Klein’s Erlangen program to Secondary Game: Dan Barbilian’s poetry and its connection with foundations of geometry

»ANCA DUMITRESCU, CAMELIA MIHĂILESCU, B.C. SIMIONESCU and M. DĂRÂNGA, Testing and evaluation methods for polymers biodegradation

»LĂCRĂMIOARA IVĂNESCU and CONSTANTIN TOMA, Adaptive strategies of superior aquatic plants

»T. CHIFU, DIDIA POPA and IRINA IRIMIA, The forest vegetation in the Covurlui Plateau and plain

»B. HÄUSLER , R. MATTEI , W. EIDEL , M. PÄTZOLD , S. TELLMANN , M.K. BIRD, G.L. TYLER, and S. REMUS, The study of the atmosphere and ionosphere of planet Venus by employing radio science techniques

»H.S. GRIEBEL, B. HÄUSLER, C. MUNDT, H. RAPP, H.J. GUDLADT and M. ZÄHRINGER, The hypersonic drag balloon project ARCHIMEDES – a novel atmospheric sounding probe for Mars

»MARIA ŞTIRBU, ANGELA SIMALCSIK, ROBERT SIMALCSIK and CĂTĂLIN-GEORGE FEDOR, The main sizes and cephalo-facial conformation in 3-6 year old children from the urban and rural areas of Iaşi and their possible modifications in time

»ANA ŢARCĂ, New contributions to the dermatoglyphic diagnosis of the autist syndrome

»GEORGETA MIU and DAN BOTEZATU, Preliminary anthropological investigations on the intra-Carpathian space in the IXth and Xth centuries. The pre-feudal necropolis of Alba Iulia

»ANGELA SIMALCSIK, MARIA ŞTIRBU and ROBERT-DANIEL SIMALCSIK, The influence of some socio-economic factors on the new born baby from the Republic of Moldova. Comparative aspects

»ION NEACŞU, George Emil Palade, a life devoted to science