SERIES IV, Tome XXX, 2007


»VALENTIN POPA, Cristofor I. Simionescu (1920-2007). In memoriam

»MARINELA GHEORGHE, Gaussian curvature for the indicatrix of a 3-dimensional Finsler space

»LUCIAN MASTACAN and DORIN IVANA, Soft computing techniques for modelling and optimization of thermal processes from centralized district heating systems

»LETITIA MIREA, Fault diagnosis using dynamic co-active neuro-fuzzy systems

»FLORIN OSTAFI and CORNELIU BOTAN, Optimal control of an electrical drive system

»MIHAI POSTOLACHE, Distributed algorithms for deadlock detection using test message traces

»ALEXANDRU ONEA, VASILE HORGA and MARCEL RATOI, DSP-based self-commissioning control of an adjustable speed drive system

»GABRIELA VARVARA, Soft development methodologies in practice

»MITICA CRAUS, A new algorithm for association rule discovery

»VALERIA-MARTA GORDUZA, EUSEBIU-VLAD GORDUZA, CRISTOFOR I. SIMIONESCU and RAMONA-LUISA GALIŢĂ, DNA micro arrays and fluorescent markers applied in molecular genetics and nanobiotechnology

»RAMONA-CRINA GALEŞ and CONSTANTIN TOMA, Laticifers in Euphorbia L. genus (Euphorbiaceae Juss.)

»MARIA ŞTIRBU, ANGELA SIMALCSIK, R.D. SIMALCSIK and C.G. FEDOR, On the growth and development of 3-6 year old children from some rural communities of the Iaşi district, comparatively with a similar sample group from the city of Iaşi

»ANA ŢARCĂ, Contributions to the dermatoglyphic diagnosis of juvenile delinquence

»GEORGETA MIU, The IVth century cemetery of Polocin, the "Islaz" location (Pogoneşti commune, Vaslui district). Preliminary anthropological investigations

»Book Reviews