SERIES IV, Tome XXVI, 2002


»D. IEŞAN and A. SCALIA, Superposed linear deformations on finite deformations of elastic materials with voids

»ANA CRĂCIUN and ION AL. CRĂCIUN, Variational principles in the linear thermoelasticity of solids with microstructure having a symmetric stress tensor

»GEORGIANA COLOTIN, MIRCEA GRIGORAŞ and CRISTOFOR I. SIMIONESCU, Synthesis of polymers by Diels-Alder cycIoaddition reactions. I: Furan and pyrone as diene partners

»MIRCEA GRIGORAŞ, GEORGIANA COLOTIN and CRISTOFOR I. SIMIONESCU, Synthesis of polymers by DieIs-Alder cycIoaddition reactions. II: Anthracene and other dienes as partners

»MARIA LUNGU, GINA-GABRIELA BUMBU, MIHAELA-CRISTINA PASCU, LUCIA MOLDOVANU, GABRIELLE-CHARLOTTE CHIŢANU and CORNELIA VASILE Compatibilization of plasticized PVC/hydrolyzed coHagen blends using reactive compatibilizers

»EUGENIA-TEODORA TUDOSE, Two-phase flow-hydrodynamics of the slug flow regime

»IRINA TOMA, CONSTANTIN TOMA and GooU GHIORGHIŢĂ, Bisto-anatomical aspects on the in vitro morphogenesis of Chrysanthemum balsamita L

»ALEXANDRU MANOLIU, The genus Mycosphaerella Johanson (Fungi, Eumycota, Ascomycotina) in Romania

»MARIA ŞTIRBU, MONALISA STUPU, R. SIMALCSIK and C. FEDOR, New data on the browth and development of 11-16 old teen agers from certain rural communities of the Iassy county

»ANA ŢARCĂ, Contributions to the dermatoglyphic diagnosis of the autistic syndrome

»MARIA ISTRATE, GEORG ETA MIU and C. FEDOR, Involution-with age-of the vital capacity of some Moldavian populations

»GEORGETA MIU and R. SIMALCSIK, The early feudal necropole from Hudum (the county of Botoşani). An anthropological study


»DANIELA ZAHARIE, Multi-objective optimization with adaptive pareto differential evolution

»LAVINIA FERARIU and CLA UOIU LEFTER, Evolutionary methods for constrained nonlinear optimizations

»DRAGOŞ BURILEANU and AURELIAN DERVIŞ, Key-information retrieval from long speech documents

»E. BOlAN, C. CIUBOTARU, S. COJOCARU, A. COLESNICOV, V. DEMIDOVA and L. MALAHOVA, Lexical resources for Romanian

»RODICA VIERU, C. CONSTANTINESCU, MIHAELA UNGUREANU and V. LĂZĂRESCU, New method for audio watermarking based on the wavelet transform

»DUMITRU SCHEIANU, EMIL SOFRON, TOMA BUCIUMAN, GABRIEL lANA, VALERIU IONESCU and OANA SCURTU, Generator circuit K and optimum filter for walsh functions

»HORIA-NICOLAI TEODORESCU and MARIUS ZBANCIOC, The dynamics of fuzzy decision loops with applications to models in economy

»MARIN BICĂ, Contribution to the reference model using multiple models adaptive control

»Book Reviews