Fuzzy Systems & A.I.


» Raffaele Mascella, Danilo Pelusi and Luca G. Tallini, On combinatorial algorithms for indexing m-ary word weight classes

» Octav Brudaru, Octavian Buzatu, Constructing Fuzzy Rational Approximators with an Insular Distributed Genetic Algorithm

» Viorel Nicolau, Dorel Aiordachioaie, Gheorghe Puscasu, Constantin Miholca, Expert rules for partitive clustering methods using potential function- based algorithms

» Antonio Luchetta, Carmine Serio, Marriassunta Viggiano, A soft computing approach to the elaboration of satellite data

» Mihai Oltean, Laura Sas, A comparison of genetic programming and statistical methods for solving prediction problems

» Ioan Z. Mihu, Arpad Gellert, Horia V. Caprita, Improving the recognition system architecture in order to increase the set of recognized geometric shapes

» Horia Nicolai Teodorescu, Marius Zbancioc, Dynamics of fuzzy models for market players. The three companies case

» Ennio Cortellini, About Random and Pseudo-random Sequences

» Ioan Tofan, The 25th anniversary of the Seminar for Fuzzy Systems & A.I. "Grigore C. Moisil"

» Corina Forăscu, Book Reviews

» Contents