Fuzzy Systems & A.I. - 2004 / 1


» T.Ali, A.K.Ray, Fuzzy Sublattices and Fuzzy Ideals

» R. Mathew, A Fuzzy Approach to 2x2 Games Using the Expected Value of a Fuzzy Variable

» V. Patrascu, Color Image Enhancement Using the lrgb Coordinates in the Context of support Fuzzification

» I. Bostan, E. Sofron, S. Ionita, V. Ionescu, Genetic Adaptation of Weightless Neural Networks for Obstacle Avoidance in Mobile Robot Control

» H. Nobuhara, B.Bede, K. Hirota, Decomposition of Fuzzy Relations Based on Multi-Resolution Scheme and Its Apllication to Image Analysis

» Bogdana Pop, Fuzzy Approach for Multiple Criteria Fractional Optimisation – Comments and Quadratic Constraint Generalization

» C. Gyorodi, R.Gyorodi, A. Bogan-Marta, M. Pater, The Distributed Algorithms in Mining Association Rules

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