Fuzzy Systems & A.I. - 2003


» A. Sfarghiu, M. Serban, H. Follet, R. Bardonnet, Artificial Neural Networks - An Alternative Method In The Selection Of Human Origin Meant For The Varum Correcting Tibial Osteotomy

» H.N. Teodorescu, Genetics, Gene Prediction, and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems - The Context and a Program Proposal

» H.N. Teodorescu, Lucian Iulian Fira, Predicting the Genome Bases Sequences by means of distance sequences and a Neuro-Fuzzy Predictor

» L. V. Boiculese, H. N. Costin, Changing the Fuzzy Rules in Crossover Stage (Genetic Algorithm Optimization)

» B.C. Branzila, The behavior of Continued Fractions-based Networks and T-Ganglions

» S.P. Hsu, L.L. Wang, A New Fuzzy Inference Method based on Spatial Relationship of Fuzzy Subsets

» A.K. Ray, T. Ali, L - Substructures of L-Subsets

» Contents