Fuzzy Systems & A.I. - 2002


» E. Kim, H. Lee, An on-line approach to fuzzy modeling

» B. Shekar, R. Natarajan, A Fuzzy Taxonomy-based Method to assess Interestingness of Association Rules

» R. Ciorap, R. Lupu, F. Topoliceanu , A. Stratone, I. Răducanu, Muscle Rehabilitation Using a Fuzzy Controlled Stimulator

» N. Bizon, R. Raducu, VLSI Implementation of A Fuzzy Image Filtering

» D. Andone, Fuzzy Model Level Predictive Control for a drum boiler

» M. Costin, M. Zbancioc, A. Ciobanu, C. Ştefănescu, Toward a Diagnosis System using Nuclear Medicine Image Processing

» D.M. Dobrea, H.N. Teodorescu, Pattern classification in subject’s stress state identification

» C.H. Cheng, C.L. Hwang, J.R. Chang, Evaluating weapons by ranking fuzzy numbers based on relative distance

» D.E. Creanga, Fuzzy model of the fly electroretinogram

» S.C. Sharma, B.Kr. Gupta, M. Lal, A New Fuzzy Scheme for Multicast based Shared-Memory ATM Switch

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